What is the last date for abstract submission?

    • July 1, 2021

What is the important contact details for the conference?

    • Mail: npc@conference.christuniversity.in

What is the word limit for full-paper submission?

    • 3000 words

Is registration mandatory for the conference and what is the fee for the same?

    • Yes, registration is mandatory. However, there is no registration fee for the same.

Can we register/attend the conference without presenting?

    • No, for the conference participation, presentation is mandatory.

What are the criteria for participation in the conference?

    • Evaluation committee will select papers from submitted abstracts. Only the authors whose abstracts are selected have the opportunity to present in the conference.

What are the different types of collaboration possibility?

    • The different types of collaboration include the following:

  • University level: Collaborating universities can encourage their various departments to collaborate with us for the conference and encyclopedia project by contributing academic works related to the theme.

  • School/Department/Centre level: The departments can collaborate for the conference and contribute to the encyclopedia by engaging in academic work related to any of the sub-themes.

  • Faculty level: Individual faculty members from any college or university can contribute to this conference and encyclopedia project through academic contributions related to the themes.

What are the minimum requirements for collaborations?

  • University/Institutional Level: Contributions to a minimum of three sections and a minimum of 10 academic contributions

  • School/Department/Centre level: Contributions to a minimum of one section and a minimum of 4 academic contributions

  • Faculty level: Single contribution to any of the sub-themes

What are the benefits of collaboration?

    • International exposure and networking opportunities

    • Increase in number of publications at faculty or institutional level

    • Knowledge expansion related to contemporary and updated concepts and terminologies in relevant disciplines

    • Possibility of future research collaborations

Do I need to register for the conference if I am contributing to the encyclopedia?

    • No, if you have been already invited to write for the conference by a section editor, you need not register. However, if you would like to present a paper in the conference, you have to register.

Is publication in the conference proceeding eligible for citation?

    • Yes. The Conference proceeding will also be published by a recognised international publisher. Each paper will be eligible for further citations.

Who is the publisher of encyclopedia?

    • Springer Reference Works

What are the publication opportunities related to the conference?

  • Each paper presented in the conference will have the opportunity to be published in either encyclopedia or conference proceedings.

  • Based on the quality of paper and alignment of scope, it will be decided by the evaluation committee whether the article is chosen for encyclopaedia or conference proceedings.

What is the difference between publication in encyclopedia and conference proceeding?

    • Encyclopedias are tertiary literature. Primary research articles cannot be included in the same. The essays have to be about established knowledge in the field.

    • Conference submissions can also include all types of papers including primary research. These will then be included in the conference proceedings.